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6 Healthy Halloween Snacks

6 Healthy Halloween Snacks

The nights are getting longer, leaves are falling, and the strange, paranormal spirits are in the air. Halloween season is here.


We know this is an exciting time for your kids to dress up as their favorite superheroes and princesses, to trick-or-treat, and end up with a bag load of candy that will last them to the end of the year – granted they don’t eat them all in one night.


But all that candy is packed with so much sugar and calories! Not to mention, if your kids devour their bowl of candy on Halloween, you’re going to be in for a long night of hyper-fueled chaos followed by a grumpy morning (sorry, teachers!).


Halloween can be one of the unhealthiest days of the year, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


We’ve scoured the internet to find six great recipes that you can use as alternatives to candy.  They’re sweet enough to keep you and your little ghosts in the Halloween spirit.

6 Halloween Candy Alternatives

You might think that every healthy Halloween snack will be loaded with pumpkin. But there’s more to the season than pumpkin-flavored snacks! These six festive snacks will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth and get you in the spirit of the season.

  • Gluten-Free Little Ghost Sugar Cookies

  • These cute little ghost cookies are great to get your family in the Halloween spirit. Craft your dough with gluten-free flour and decorate it with delicious icing. Then top it off with chocolate chips for their eyes.


    Check out this recipe on One Good Thing by Jillee.

  • Clementine Pumpkins

  • Who doesn’t love clementines? They’re juicy and sweet and perfect for tiny hands to peel and eat. Give them that extra Halloween feel by transforming your ordinary clementine into a festive Pumpkin by adding a thin slice of celery down the middle. It’s a perfect snack that satisfies your kids’ sugary cravings AND gives them a plentiful supply of Vitamin C.


    Check out this recipe on Health, Home and Happiness.

  • Spider Crackers

  • Get creepy creative with this enjoyable and unique snack. Grab your favorite brand of gluten-free crackers, then add cream cheese and a bunch of little pretzel sticks to assemble a healthy, creepy-crawly spider cracker. Help your little Arachnid see by adding raisins to it. It’s a cool, quick snack with fiber and B vitamins.


    Check out this recipe on La Jolla Mom.

  • Strawberry Ghosts

  • So you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, huh? Well, try out this simple recipe. Take your strawberries and cover them with dairy-free frozen yogurt. Then place some chocolate chips for the eyes, and you have a Halloween snack that is scary healthy – packed with vitamins and other nutrients.


    Check out this recipe on

  • Orange Halloween Smoothie

  • Need a quick refresher after a long night of trick-or-treating? Quickly treat yourself to a nice, fresh orange smoothie made with oranges, dairy-free yogurt, and pineapples. This snack is sure to please your sweet tooth and vitamin C levels. Add in one scoop of Nutritots Vanilla Ice Cream Shake for an extra bonus dose of nutrition.


    Check out this recipe on Amee’s Savory Dish.

  • Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail

  • Don’t worry; we’re not talking about real candy corn here. Instead, this fruit-filled delicious snack involves a sweet cup of pineapples and orange topped with dairy-free whipped cream and one piece of Halloween candy corn. With so many nutrients throughout this cocktail, who knew healthy could taste so good?


    Check out this recipe on Family Fresh Meals.

    Happy Halloween from NutriTots

    Halloween is a great, fun holiday for the entire family. But, there’s no need to stress about all the candy and sweets. These snacks will help you keep your mind at ease about your health while you can go out and enjoy this Spook-tacular holiday. Just look out for ghosts and witches!


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