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Cold Weather Fitness During Pregnancy

Cold Weather Fitness During Pregnancy

Your doctor has probably told you that it’s important to stay active during your pregnancy. In addition to helping your blood circulate better and reducing stress, getting up and moving can reduce back pain and soreness throughout the day. It can also help you sleep better a night.


During the spring and summer months, getting outside for a walk or going for a swim might have been enjoyable. As we move into the winter months, though, you may have to change up your workout routine to make sure you and your baby stay safe.

3 Cold Weather Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women

These three tips can help you stay healthy and fit during the winter when you’re pregnant. Of course, make sure to check with your health care provider before embarking on any fitness regimen.


  1. Be cautious around snow and ice

Your safety should always come first! Be careful walking around snow and ice. Try to avoid walking in the dark or in icy conditions. Only go on outdoor walks during the day when you can see what’s on the ground in front of you.


If you must get out when it’s dark or there’s ice, take someone with you. Make sure you’re wearing quality boots that will grip the ice and help you avoid falling.


  1. Take extreme sports down a notch

If you usually love to hit the slopes on your skis or snowboard, this winter might be a challenge for you. Those types of activities can be risky for pregnant women, even if you’re super fit.


That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to sit inside watching everyone else have fun. Instead, try a less strenuous outdoor activity, such as cross country skiing or snowshoeing. That way, you can still enjoy the snow but without the added risks of falling.


  1. Embrace indoor gyms

We know that walking on a treadmill is way more boring than going for a hike outside, but you need to prioritize your safety when you’re pregnant. Your center of balance is off, especially as you get further into your pregnancy.


You can make the treadmill a little more enjoyable by listening to a podcast or watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Remember, this is temporary! Or, take a prenatal yoga class, go for a swim in the gym’s indoor pool, or do some pilates. There are plenty of safe ways to stay fit from the comfort of the great indoors.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D this Winter with NutriTots

A major perk of exercising outdoors is that you can get vitamin D, which will help your baby’s bones, teeth, heart, and nervous system develop correctly.


You can easily become deficient in vitamin D during the winter because you’re less likely to get direct sunlight. Our vitamin D3 supplement is an easy way to ensure you’re getting enough all year long. Simply take 2 – 5 drops a day (or more if your provider recommends it).