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Date Night Ideas for New Parents

Date Night Ideas for New Parents

The newborn phase of parenthood is a blur of dirty diapers, late-night feedings, and near-constant worry. During this busy time, romance might be the last thing on your mind.


However, it’s essential to take some time to reconnect with your partner after having a baby. Planning some date nights can be a great way to spend time together (even if you spend most of it talking about your new bundle of joy.)


Side note: We’re calling it a date night, but you can plan time together any time of day. Think of it as a date morning, afternoon, dusk, evening, or whatever time of day you can sneak away.

How to Plan a Date Night

As new parents, your date nights will look different from when you didn’t have kids. Goodbye spontaneity, hello scheduled plans.


Not every couple feels comfortable leaving their newborn with a sitter or has family nearby to watch their little one. Not to worry. You have several options for planning your date night. The one you choose will depend on your comfort level and your baby’s temperament.


Option 1: Bring baby along

The newborn stage is the easiest stage for doing your own thing while still keeping your baby close. If you take this route, plan on doing something after your baby has been fed and changed. Hopefully, they’ll contentedly nap while you enjoy your date.


Option 2: Do something after your baby goes to sleep

Does your usual nighttime routine consist of tackling all the chores you ignored while your baby was awake? We get it. Set aside one night where you forget about the laundry and dishes and instead enjoy a cozy dinner for two. Get take out or eat on paper plates to minimize the amount of work involved.


Option 3: Have someone else watch your baby

Leaving your baby with family or friends can give you a much-needed mental break. If you’re nervous about being separated from your newborn, start small. For example, leave your baby with Grandma while you go out for coffee, then work up to longer outings.

What to Do on Date Night

Remember that the primary goal of date night is to spend time with your partner doing something other than taking care of your newborn. These ideas can inspire you, but feel free to do anything that allows you to reconnect and have fun.


Get dressed up for dessert

Do you miss having a reason to get out of your sweat pants? Dress up and go to a fancy restaurant for dessert. You’ll get the feeling of going out without the length of time it takes to eat a four-course meal.


Go for a walk

A walk outdoors help you reconnect with your partner as you get some much-needed vitamin D. Go somewhere new to satisfy your craving for a bit of adventure.


Play some games

Games are a great distraction if you want to have fun and talk about something other than your newborn. It doesn’t matter if you play video games or board games as long as you’re both having fun.


Movie night

Dim the lights, make popcorn, and enjoy a spicy movie you would never let your kids watch.


Take a virtual cooking (or anything) class

There are tons of virtual classes available to help you and your partner have fun learning something new. For example, try cooking, painting, or dance classes to liven things up without leaving home.

Don’t Forget to Take Time for Yourself

You’re going through a lot of changes right now as you learn how to parent your newborn. But don’t forget to take time for yourself and your relationship.


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