Hi, we are Megan and Hailey Arnold. We are both doctors and moms of two elementary-aged kids.

Honestly, becoming moms is what drove us to create NutriTots. We saw a hole in the market for high quality children's vitamins, protein options, and prenatal care, especially for kids who may be neurodiverse. Our ultimate goal is to be a household brand for growing families.

In our nutrition and chiropractic practice we focus on children on the spectrum, neurosensory rehab, and nutrition related genetics.

We have created three wellness genetic testing companies, run a successful family wellness clinic, and created a supplement line for healthcare practitioners.

Personally, Megan has tried to conceive and was unsuccessful. She has seen the nutrition issues and heartache that result from that process. Hailey is a two-time uterine cancer survivor and has been rebuilt, so to speak, in her remission.

All of these personal experiences contribute to our story and aid in propelling us forward in pursuit of not only personal health but also the health of children and growing families.

We are blessed to be adoptive parents to a boy and a girl. Even though we had clinical experience with kids, nothing quite prepares you for having your own kids other than literally having them full time.

Being moms who are in the foster to adopt world, it was quite a shock! One day you are the doctor who takes care of children and women wanting to get pregnant and then boom! Instant family. We had to learn while in the trenches, so to speak.

Our two kiddos, who Megan swears are part tornado and part snuggle bug, inspired us to move forward with our product line, and the rest is history!  

We hope that you and your family enjoy these products as much as we do. Thank you for choosing to grow with us. We look forward to seeing you in the NutriTots community.