Formulated with active ingredients that are easily absorbed, this product can be a mainstay in your clinic for conception, pregnancy, and postnatal care.

Many companies offer prenatals, but NutriTots designed this one to be specific for genetic variants and sensitive stomachs.

This particular product is also available for men who are trying to conceive. No longer are we just worried about the soon-to-be mother!


When your pediatric patients need nutritional support, you can rest assured that NutriTots has you covered. From our multivitamin, ABC's & 123's, to our line of protein powders and single nutrients, everything we create is designed specifically for their growing bodies. Rarely do supplement companies focus on pediatric needs; however, NutriTots was created just for that reason! Everything from the taste of a product to the dosing is considered when creating this line.

Bonus Tip: We listen to our healthcare providers, so if you have a product you want to see on the market, we may be able to make it!


Have you ever wanted to add functional lab testing in your practice? We also offer a genetic test that focuses on nutrigenomics, the study of how genes affect diet and lifestyle. You can be seen as the expert with our easy-to-incorperate testing that can be used for every patient. No person is too young or too old to utilize genetic testing for wellness care.

From MTHFR to COMT, there are genes that affect our day-to-day health on many levels. If you offer this service in your practice, you will become the go-to expert on wellness care for their entire family.


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