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Gift Ideas for People with Food Sensitivities

Gift Ideas for People with Food Sensitivities


Whether you know it or not, there is likely someone on your shopping list who has a food sensitivity or allergy. Studies show that around 20 percent of the global population has a food sensitivity or allergy. 

People with food sensitivities or allergies often have asthma or other allergies. So, it’s important to be considerate when shopping for gifts, even if you’re not planning on buying food.


Don’t panic, though. We’re here with some creative ideas for gifts your loved ones can enjoy that won’t trigger a reaction.

Gift Ideas for Kids with Food Sensitivities

Here are some things to get all the nice kids on your holiday list.


Allergen-free gift baskets

Kids with food sensitivities might feel left out when they see their friends receiving goodies like candy and cookies for Christmas. If you want to get them a sweet treat while still being mindful of food sensitivities, shop from companies specializing in only creating allergen-free food. Some examples are Divvies and The Royal Basket Company.


Of course, use discretion when ordering any type of food for someone with a food allergy or sensitivity. If you have doubts, go with a non-food gift instead.


Allergen-free plush toys

Every kid loves the feel of a soft stuffed animal. But, unfortunately, plush animals are often stuffed with soy-based fibers or nutshells, which can trigger an allergic reaction.


Build-a-Bear has an allergy-free stuffed bear that is as soft and cuddly as the rest of their lineup. If you want to buy another brand of stuffed animals, look for an asthma-friendly logo.



In general, new books are a safe bet for kids with allergies and food sensitivities. However, avoid getting used books, which can have allergens lurking in them from previous owners.

Gift Ideas for Adults with Food Sensitivities

These thoughtful gifts are great for adults who have been living with food sensitivities for a long time, as well as those who have just discovered them.


Allergy-friendly cookbook

If you have a friend who has been recently diagnosed with a food allergy, an allergy-friendly cookbook can be a helpful resource.


Bread maker

Adults with gluten sensitivities might enjoy being able to make their own bread without worrying about gluten cross-contamination.


Collapsable kettle

You never know how well a hotel coffee pot has been cleaned. Adults who enjoy having a hot cup of tea or coffee while traveling can use a collapsable kettle to safely heat up water from anywhere, including their hotel room.

Gifts to Avoid

Here are some gifts you should avoid giving someone with food sensitivities. These are also good to avoid if you are unsure whether the gift receiver has an allergy.

  • Paint
  • Lotion
  • Crayons
  • Perfume
  • Bubble bath
  • Modeling clay
  • Scented candles
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Food that is not specifically allergen-free

NutriTots Merchandise Makes a Great Gift!

Clothes can be another good option if you verify that they are not made from materials containing known allergens. 


If you want to get a non-food gift for a child or adult with food sensitivities, check out our store! We have coffee cups, onesies, T-shirts, and hoodies available for kids and toddlers. Shop the NutriTots merchandise store today!